Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Canonical Ltd. make it so easy to install a bare bones Ubuntu Server system. Go ahead and download the .iso file from here...http://www.ubuntu.com/business/server/overview if you have not already. There are detailed instructions on this page for downloading, burning to CD, and installing, so go ahead and follow those instructions or follow the screen shots below.

I install the very least amount of software at first in order to take a snapshot of the system in it's simplest form. Then we can build it up from there. Here are the steps you will see while installing Ubuntu Server...

Step 1 (Choose Language)

Step 2 (Start Install)

Step 3 (Installation Language)

Step 4 (Country)

Step 5 (Automatically Detect Keyboard)

Step 6 (Origin of the Keyboard)

Step 7 (Keyboard Layout)

Step 8 (Host Name)

Step 9 (Timezone)

Step 10 (Partition Guide)

Step 11 (Disk to Partition)

Step 12 (Confirm Write to Partition)

Step 13 (Full User Name)

Step 14 (User Account Name)

Step 15 (Password)

Step 16 (Confirm Password)

Step 17 (Encrypt Home Directory)

Step 18 (HTTP Proxy Server)

Step 19 (Automatic Updates)

Step 20 (Software Installs)

Step 21 (Configure Grub)

Step 22 (Installation Complete)

Step 23 (First Reboot)

Update all the software packages and then reboot with...
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo shutdown -h now

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